Congrats to our customers!

Champion Chi Steer 2015 VCCP

Sired by I Da Man.

Congrats Emilie Campbell

AHFF Foxxxy

Reserve Overall Heifer 2015 PA Classic

Reserve Overall Heifer 2015 VCCP

Champion Heifer 2014 Somerset Jackpot

Champion Jr. Maintainer 2014 KILE

Class winner open & jr show 2014 NAILE

Congrats Emilie Campbell

AHFF Juicy 413B

Champion Market Heifer & 4th Overall Market Animal 2015 VCCP

Owned with Whitney Betts

MRY Rosebud 40 ZA "Harley"

8 time Champion Maintainer Heifer

Supreme Heifer 2015 PA Farm Show

Congrats Kelly Land & Cattle

KYLD Blackbird 280z

Res. Heifer National Jr. Limousin Show 2013

Champ Jr Heifer Limouisn Eastern Regionals 2013

Res. Open Heifer Southeast Classic 2013

Champion Jr Limousin Heifer NAILE 2013

Champion Jr Limousin Heifer KILE 2013

Reserve Jr. Supreme Heifer KILE 2013

Res. Limousin Heifer PA Farm Show 2014

AHFF Pit Crew 207z

Champion Limousin Bull PA Farm Show 2013

Champion Bull Southeast Classic 2013

Champion Limousin Bull NAILE 2013

Champion Limousin Bull PA Farm Show 2014

Res Limousin Bull KILE 2014

AHFF Nalanie 204z

Champion Limousin Heifer PA Farm Show 2013

Champion Open Limousin Heifer KILE 2013

Champion Open Limousin Heifer NAILE 2013

Champion Limousin Heifer PA Farm Show 2014

AHFF Chivette 315A

Reserve Mainteiner Heifer KILE 2013

Champion Jr Crossbred Heifer KILE 2014

Congrats Dalton Mackenzie


Reserve Steer Frederick Co. Fair 2013

Division Champion Steer KILE 2013

Congrats Dalton Mackenzie

TMCK Winning Ways 306A

Champion Limousin Heifer KILE 2013

AHFF Molly 305A

Champion Limousin Heifer KY Beef Expo 2014

Res. Division Eastern Regional Jr Show 2014
Champion Div Southeast Summer Classic 2014

Res. Jr. Limousin Heifer KILE 2014

Congrats Colin Campbell

KYLD Vegas 910W

Champion Limousin Bull KILE 2010

Champion bred&owned Nat. Jr Lim Show 2010

Champion Limousin Bull NAILE 2010 & 2011

Champion Bull All-American Futurity 2011

Champion Limousin Bull American Royal 2011

Champion Limousin Bull NWSS 2012


MAGS What It Takes

Champion Jr. Limousin Show NAILE 2010

CF Cumberland

Champion Shorthorn Heifer VCCP 2011

WLR Tainted Love

Res. Limousin Heifer NAILE 2010

Res. Limousin Heifer NWSS 2011

Champion Limousin Heifer NAILE 2011

Res. Limousin Heifer American Royal 2011

Owned with Wies and Edwards Land & Cattle

AHFF Nalanie 830U

Res. Limousin Heifer KILE 2009

Res. Jr Limousin Heifer NAILE 2009

Res. Limousin Heifer NWSS 2010

AHFF Dakota Thunder

Res. Limousin Bull NAILE 2009

Res. Bull All-American Futurity 2010

Owned by Thomas & Son Farm

EXLR Luvly 

Champion Jr Limousin Heifer NAILE 2008 & 2009

Champion Limousin Heifer KILE 2009

Supreme Heifer KILE 2009

Res. Open Limousin Heifer NAILE 2008

CSS Candice 714

Res. Overall Heifer Southeast Classic 2009

Res. Overall Heifer PA Beef Expo 2009

Champion AOB Heifer MD State Fair 2009

Champion AOB Heifer Eastern National 2009

KYLD Daytona

Res Limousin Bull NAILE 2008

Res Bull Eastern Regionals 2009